100% Funded on Kickstarter. We did it.

You don’t realise how much a Kickstarter campaign takes over your mind. Putting your idea out there for public scrutiny with a clearly visible and measurable goal… Well, that was enough to cause a few sleepless nights and moments of self-doubt at Matojo HQ.

But we have just reached the minimum target. Thank you Thank you Thank you.


It’s time to place the order with the factory (who we have been working with for months now) to get the “production” ball really rolling.

Remember though it’s not too late to pre-order, there’s still a few days of the Kickstarter campaign left.

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Thank you so much to my Kickstarter pledgers. I can’t wait to deliver your rewards!

An insight into the manufacturing process:  

Our July launch may still seem a little way off, so I thought I would outline the manufacturing process. It sure was an eye opener for me.

Step 1 – Many endless prototypes, homemade out of bubble wrap and otherwise

Step 2 – Find a Manufacturing consultant to help navigate the tricky process and negotiate with factories. Thank you Jessica.

Step 3 – Get samples from various factories

Step 4 – Tear hair out when samples are far from expected and suction cups are actually attached on the wrong side (yes really).

Step 5 – Test the product with friendly mums with messy weaning babies

Step 6 – Refine the design and add extra features during testing

Step 6a – Panic that the unit manufacturing cost is too high and it may not even be viable

Step 7 – At this point we decided to launch of Kickstarter for a number of reasons… to secure some pre-orders, to get direct feedback, to up our social media game, and to ease a little of the pain of the initial investment.

Step 8 – Place order with chosen factory, along with oodles of specifications and T&Cs.

Step 9 – Wait anxiously for pre-production sample in correct custom made food-safe plastic.

Step 10 – Work on branding, packaging and photography

Step 11 – Have production sample extensively and expensively tested to ensure all materials are safe for little eaters.

Step 12 – Manufacture the first batch and wait while they go on a little slow journey by sea.

Step 13 – Deliver Matojo Suckerbibs to awesome Kickstarter pledgers

And this is how my little eaters will celebrate tomorrow – the youngest just loves raspberries. Cheers!


Chocolate “hidden vegetable” pudding

Yes you read that correctly – chocolate pudding with hidden vegetables. For those days when you feel the dreaded mum-guilt that your little eaters haven’t had their 5 a day.

I have this thing where I cannot help but add extra portions of veg, specifically spinach, at every opportunity. I think I am obsessed with spinach. I don’t know if its Popeye’s influence or the long long list of nutrients it has, but I love it.

(Spinach is high in niacin and zinc, protein, fiber, vitamins A, C, E and K, thiamin, vitamin B6, folate, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, and manganese – quite the list.)

You can trial different quantities of each ingredient to suit your taste and even add a little agave syrup if you really have a sweeter tooth.

There are mixed views on the concept of hiding vegetables – but for me, as long as you are offering a variety of vegetables in their usual form, then sneaking in extra portions can only be a good thing. Especially if you little eater is going through a fussy stage and won’t eat any of the beautiful vegetables you present to them. If they can sense your “hopeful-that-you’re-going-to-eat-your-veg” face from a mile off, then try this pudding aswell as naked veg. At least get in some veg until the fussy stage passes.


Just plonk it all in the nutribullet or blender. Here is my recipe:

  • Frozen Banana
  • Fresh Spinach
  • Cocoa powder
  • Coconut milk
  • Medjool Dates
  • You could also add chai seeds, almonds, peanut butter, even carrot etc

Puddings like this used to be a messy business but with the Matojo Suckerbib, my little eater can just get stuck in.

Get your Matojo Suckerbib on pre-order on Kickstarter now! kck.st/2HxhTkN