ZoeHardmanAs used by TV’s Zoe Hardman from Made by Mammas. “We love this in our house for keeping messy babies clean. Such a genius idea – we love it.”



“This bib is literally a blessing. It covers the highchair so you dont have to clean the high chair and nothing slips through. It caught all the stuff that would have ended up on the floor”. Follow these gorgeous mummies @lifeofmummies


blake & Ivy

“These bibs have made letting my twins feed themselves a game changer. A really easy way to make sure there’s no mess. Their hands and face are messy but their clothes aren’t, and neither is the floor.” Lovely twin mum. Follow her on instagram @tash_blake_ivy

“What a great bib. Keeps her outfits all clean” 6 months old, Ava.

“It is brilliant! I think since I’ve had this she actually eats most of what is put in front of her, she just picks the bits up that collect on her lap. Honestly the best bib I own. I simply love it. It has saved my cream carpets!”

“Easy clean up, machine washable and adjustable fit. Perfect for my little food explorer” 1 year old Henry

“I love this bib. The quality of the material is lovely and it looks great too. It’s saved so much clearing up already, my baby stays clean underneath so I don’t need to change his clothes after a messy BLW meal. Thank you.”

“Meal times just got a whole lot easier… and cleaner. Absolutley love our new Matojo Suckerbib, such a great product. Easy to use, comfortable for the little one to wear and catches all those bits and pieces that don’t quite make it to the mouth! Best of all, the cleaning up afer meal time was a doddle. Couldn’t recommend it more”. 16 months old, Freddie
“Have just received our Matojo bib and it’s easy to see that it’s going to save lots of time and cleaning! My 13 month old daughter is a mucky pup and it’s stopped her getting food all over the floor and the seat of her high chair! Love it- highly recommended- thank you” 13 months old, Lydia
“Winning! Out and about with a highchair without a tray… winning at life! Perfect job with perfect results from the Matojo Suckerbib” 17 months old, Isla
“Using the Matojo Suckerbib has saved me so much time from repeatedly wiping tables and picking food up from the floor. I just put it into the wash and its ready to use again” 18 months old
“We received the Matojo last week and have been using it pretty much every day since! My 2.5 year old is still a messy eater and the big muslim square doesn’t cover him quite enough to keep him clean. With the Matojo his top body and arms are covered and if he drops food it doesn’t fall on the floor anymore. It is just great, very efficient and saves a lot of washing and cleaning. Very happy!”
“Loving the bib”